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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a Utility Allowance?

Utility allowances are provided to families paying income-based rent when the cost of utilities is not included in the rent. When determining a family’s income-based rent, we use the utility allowance applicable to the type of dwelling unit leased by the family.

Why do I have to be re-certified every 12 months?

 If your rent is income based, re-certifications must be performed every 12 months as required by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  If there are any changes in your income, eligibility, or family composition you must notify us within 10 days of this change and we will conduct an interim re-certification, even if you had a re-certification conducted within the past 12 months.

My Brother is a truck driver; can he use my address?

No one can move into your unit without prior approval.  Do not allow anyone to use your address not even for mail or storage.

Can a family member, such as a daughter or son live with me without being on my voucher?

No. Every person who lives in the unit must be reported. If you share joint custody of a child, be sure to list that the child has more than one residence because we cannot subsidize a bedroom for a child when the voucher holder’s home is not the primary custodial residence.

I pay my rent in cash, why do I need a receipt?

It is a good idea and in your best interest to always request a receipt or use a money order to pay your rent so you can show that you are paying your portion of the rent.

I want to move to another state/PHA jurisdiction?

You can use your Voucher anywhere in the United States through a process called Porting. Make your request in writing, including the city and state where you would like to move. If you are eligible we will send your information to the Housing Authority that covers the geographic area where you are moving. That Housing Authority will contact you for a briefing on their housing process. To be eligible to port to another location you must either provided verification that you were a resident in our area at the time of application or be a current resident on our program.  


General Discrepancies

I received a termination notice, What should I do?

If you disagree with the notice, mail or drop off a written request for an informal hearing. Briefly explain why you think the termination should not take place. If the termination notice was because you did not send in documents (ex: signed forms or check stubs for your recertification) or take an action (ex: correct fail items in your unit after an inspection), be sure to send in the missing documents or correct the failed item(s) in your unit and include that information with your appeal.

My landlord will not complete repairs, what should I do?

Try to communicate with your landlord.  Send your landlord a letter with a list of the items that need to be repaired and a deadline to complete the repairs. Be specific about the repairs and be realistic with the deadline. If the landlord does not make the repairs or respond to your request, you can then request a complaint inspection.

My tenant is not paying rent/damaging property – what can I do?

 You should enforce your lease the same way you would with any other tenant. It is a good idea to document any issues with tenants through written notices sent to the tenant and a copy sent to the housing authority. If the tenant’s violations are serious or repeated, you may want to consider evicting the tenant.

My unit failed inspection. Do I have to move?

When your unit fails inspection, you may not have to move. The tenant and landlord have time to correct any items that have failed inspection. When fail items are not corrected and the unit fails a second inspection, the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) and/or Utility Allowance (UA) will be abated (stopped) until the unit passes inspection. Routine repairs must be complete within 30 days and emergency repairs, deficiencies that pose a threat to health or safety, must be completed within 24 hours.

Tenants who have outstanding fail items are not eligible to move.
If the landlord fails to correct the fail items, the tenant is eligible to move.
When the HAP is abated (stopped) and the landlord does not make repairs, the tenant must move to another unit to remain in the Housing Choice Voucher Program.